Trust Board

Trust Board

What is the Trust Board?

The Trust Board is a network of our recommended affiliates who have one mission, to unlock the growth of your business.

When working with our clients, VIP sometimes stumble across problems which we don’t always have the answers to. With help from this small group of professionals we are able to achieve more, you can too.

The members of our Trust Board, each have a specific area of expertise ranging from Recruitment Specialists, Marketing Experts through to HR and Employment Law Consultants, and more!

V.I.Personnel are lucky enough to be affiliated with a fantastic circle of trusted professionals and we not only recommend our network to use their services, but we encourage them to do so.

Our Trust Board of professionals all share a common interest… not only to succeed in business, but help others do so too.


Our Trusted Affiliates



Honest Employment Law Practice

(H.E.L.P) have been providing outsourced HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety advice to clients across the UK for over 15 years. From support for existing HR and Health & Safety teams within larger organisations to being the outsourced HR department and Health & Safety consultant for smaller businesses. Dedicated consultants who get to know your business, offering practical advice when you need it most!






The Marketing People

The Marketing People help businesses grow using intelligent marketing & creative design. From small start-ups and family businesses, to SME’s and large companies, whether you want to gain more customers, increase revenue, move into a new sector or increase brand awareness, The marketing people know what to do.






Gavin Jones Consultancy

Gavin has helped companies with growth and development throughout his 20-year career. As a business owner himself, Gavin understands how to sustainably grow an SME, then achieve the best price for the company when it sells. Operational excellence, routes to new markets, creating a robust business plan to work towards considered exit strategy.






Trevor Ballard, Interim FD/CFO.

Business Improvement and Turnaround Specialist. A hands on interim FD with a focus on the things that matter (cash, people, systems,) ensuring every project is delivered to an exemplary standard. The ideal connect for Trevor would be SME’s that are in need of an experienced FD with a methodical approach to improving a sustainable business.






Clarity Wealth Management

Clarity Wealth Management LLP are a team of dedicated, experienced independent financial advisers with offices in London, Birmingham and Plymouth, offering services which range from Private Mortgages to Corporate Business Route Map Planning. Bringing you financial clarity whatever your background, whatever your business, whatever your outlook.






PIB Insurance

A growing insurance broker bringing together outstanding individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance market. Founded in 2014, PIB offer a range of insurance and risk management services building strong, sustainable relationships.




How can your company benefit from the Trust Board?

When business goals are not being achieved, it generally means that there are two or three key issues that haven’t been solved satisfactorily. In which case, long term solutions are required to prevent the business owner from ‘putting out the same fires’ over and over again.

The Trust Board gives you the tools you need to ensure that all of the cogs in your machine are working together. Help us, to help you. Get in touch!

Whether it’s a trusted Marketing company needed to drive traffic and increase revenue, or it’s your Sales Department is need of some new talent to help drive sales, there should be someone in our Trust Board able to help you.


How to get involved.

Interested in a process that can take your business to a new level of success?

Simply contact Dan at Very Important Personnel on 0121 647 6695 OR email

Dan can put you in touch with the contact best for your needs, or simply follow the links displayed in this post.