Hiring Employees

Hiring employees isn’t as simple as finding people with the right skills and giving them the keys to your business. People aren’t robots, and skills alone don’t make a good employee-employer fit. While I believe there are plenty of things entrepreneurs shouldn’t waste money on, hiring and retaining great people is well worth the time and effort it takes. Here are six steps to help you do it:


1. Know What You Want

Nothing is more frustrating to both you and a prospective employee, than being wishy-washy about what you’re looking for in a candidate.
Before you even start asking around or advertising for staff, make a list of what you need from your new hire. Don’t just list skills, list personality requirements and desired details about the type of person who will best fit into the culture you’re trying to create. Identify the knowledge, skills, and traits that will make someone successful in your company, and hire based on that profile.


2. Carefully Structure Your Interviews

An interview is a conversation with a purpose, and in order to succeed it has to be carefully planned.
One way to conduct a good interview is to avoid questions that candidates have likely planned answers to. Instead of asking a candidate to list his or her greatest strengths and weaknesses, ask questions like “What did you learn from your last job?” or “Can you tell me about a time you failed and the lesson you learned?” These questions are less expected and will give you more insight into a particular candidate.
Hiring employees isn’t just about the interview process either…


3. Review Feedback

If you have other staff helping you with the interviews, make sure to take their opinions into account. Often, they can see concerns that you might have missed, especially when it comes to company culture and fit. While it’s up to you to make the final decision, outside input shouldn’t be ignored.


4. Choose Wisely

When you’re looking to make the offer, don’t just think about who has the best fit for the current position. Choose the qualified candidate that has the most upsides and that is most likely to grow within your company.
How can you tell which candidate offers this particular advantage? Evaluate things like their hunger to learn, whether the candidate actively keeps up with the industry, and an active commitment to professional growth. If you don’t see these characteristics, the candidate likely lacks the ability or desire to develop their role within your business.


5. Compete on Culture

Once you have a great employee in place, you want to keep them, and the best way to achieve retention is by developing a culture that’s the envy of your industry. Is your company worth of a “Best Places to Work” listing? If not, why not? Your company should be founded on solid vision and mission statements, so put these ideas to work within your culture. A great culture will help you to avoid the serious problems of disengagement and turnover.


6. Emphasize Professional Development

Of course, if you choose the candidates that are most motivated to grow within your company, you have to follow that up with a focus on professional development. Letting your staff know that their success matters to you and to the business is a great way to help retain top employees. Implement programs that develop your staff’s skills, and watch your business succeed as a result of your motivated, well-trained employees.


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New Year New Recruitment

New Year, New Recruitment

Hello 2018!

New Year, New Recruitment. The New Year is a great time to make changes in your life, and your career. You can turn over a new leaf in almost any aspect of your life. Recruitment is no different. If you’re involved in hiring staff, you could always be doing better, even if you’re already recruiting at a high standard…so why not make some Recruitment Resolutions?

While you’re writing your list of personal goals for the year, throw in a few aims to save time, money and stress – target the things that you feel need fixing in your recruitment strategy.


Do you sometimes fail to fill a vacancy at all?

This can be a problem but not as much of one as recruiting the wrong person. It’s good to be cautious and not recruit somebody just because they’re the least bad of a poor bunch. It’s much cheaper to run the recruitment campaign again now rather than go through the costs associated with onboarding, poor quality work, dismissal and then a second campaign.

All the same, regularly failing to fill is a problem that needs to be looked at. Are you attracting the wrong people or nobody at all? Check your outlets and the wording of your job advertisements.

Essentially, your most important resolution should be to not be afraid of change!

Many companies fall into the habit of doing their recruitment as it has always been done, and although a new concept might seem scary at first it could be massively beneficial to you and your company going forward.


So how can VIPersonnel help you?

We can expect to see continuations of trends that have been occurring for several years now. Here at VIPersonnel, we have made it even easier for our clients to outsource their recruitment. Our tailored service allows you to get on with what you do best, while we work to find you the best possible candidates for your vacancies, the first time around.

  • With our easy to navigate mobile website, it is now even easier for candidates to apply for your vacancies.
  • We also have access to millions of CV’s across the UK.
  • We actively source, shortlist and interview all candidates before sending the best ones to you.
  • It cost nothing, until you are completely satisfied with “the successful candidate”. Even then we are very cost effective and extremely competitive with our fees.
  • We offer a personable service, something we are very proud of being able to do here at VIP. Many of our clients will agree that we always go above and beyond when it comes to finding the best talent there is and relieving the stress of this sometimes mammoth task.



Why use VIPersonnel now?

We’re sorry to say it but coming back to work after the New Year is a disappointing experience. Turkey, presents and fireworks are by now long forgotten, and now you’re back at the office – and at what happens to be the busiest time of year for hiring.

Here’s a few reasons you’re likely to have a lot on your plate in Quarter One:

  • Work of all kinds gets done that had been put off due to people on holiday over the Christmas season.
  • Based on previous years, we have experienced the busiest months in the first quarter for candidates looking to better their careers.
  • New strategies and goals come into play at work (kind of like a company’s own resolution!) often resulting in hiring new or more staff.


January is a great time to find the motivation to make the changes needed in your recruitment strategy, take the leap and let us deal with this for you, you have enough to do as it is.


Get in touch!

VIPersonnel thrives on placing people in top roles that they love. You can be sure of filling your next placement with ease, confidence and reliability, thanks to our dedicated team.

Don’t fill your day with interviews and screening. Just get in touch with VIPersonnel and let us help you take your first step towards a more successful 2018.

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