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    By submitting a job vacancy you are in no way obligated to use our services. The details you submit will be dealt with, with strict confidentiality. Following your submission, you will be contacted to discuss our Terms of business. To take full advantage of the job post, signed Terms of Business must be sent back to Very Important Personnel, at which point your job will be posted on and all applications will be forwarded to you. Failing to sign and return Very Important Personnel’s terms of business will result in your vacancy being visible on the Very Important Personnel website ONLY and any applications submitted for the vacancy will not be sent to you. The fee payable to the Agency by the Client is calculated as set out in the accompanying Scale of Fees within the Terms of business on the gross remuneration which the Applicant is entitled to earn in the first 12 months of their engagement by the Client notwithstanding that the engagement may be terminated during that period. (All fees are subject to the addition of VAT.)