Attention to detail

Attention to detail is key when looking for a job, after all, first impressions count for a lot.

In recent weeks, I have attended several open days and interviews with a variety of candidates for a wide range of different jobs. Something that I have noticed and wanted to underline, is how many people lack attention to detail.

Regardless of the calibre of the role you apply for, whether it be a Receptionist role, or a higher paid job like a Business Development Manager, there will always be candidates that fail to realise the importance of the small yet vital details when trying to amaze your future boss or recruiter.

I once met a really great candidate for a Sales job, David was just what we were looking for on paper and even better in person. Prior to our meeting I asked him to bring with him a copy of his most up to date CV. Do you think he did? Well, he didn’t. These kind of things can generate negative reactions or lasting memories of you. Instead of remembering David for his enthusiastic approach and his persuasive persona, I will always remember him as the guy who forgot his CV.

You may have spent a week solid preparing for an interview, questioning yourself over and over, ironing your shirt the night before, practicing positive body language in the mirror, but all this can be crushed by a simple yet devastating mistake like David did.

Attention to detail is not just about remembering to do the little things, it can also be a great tool for standing out in the crowd. Paying attention to the facts and understanding the ins and outs of a job will impress any employer. Asking questions and mentioning certain duties on a job specification shows that you are engaged and have done your research.


Things not to forget!

If you are sending an email to a prospective employer or recruiter, you can’t say you have good attention to detail in your cover letter and then go on to forget to attach your CV, this happens all too often, DON’T DO IT!

Cross the T’s and dot the I’s… Your CV says a lot about you and your attention to detail. First impressions count! Read through your CV a few times paying attention to punctuation and spelling. Failing to correct any mistakes can suggest that you lack attention to detail.

Be prepared! Take a pen, a notepad and anything else you can think you might need in your interview. After all, looking unprepared and unorganised can be damaging. Good preparation is crucial to any interview.

Don’t forget their name!  If you know the name of your interviewer, please get it right. For example: if you are being interviewed by Jonathan King, don’t go to reception and ask for Jon King and certainly don’t call him Jonny boy when he greets you. Remain professional at all times. Use only the name you have been given. These details are all noted by employers.