Numeracy Practice Test

Here is a numeracy practice test of the kind you may be asked to complete when applying for certain jobs.

In a real job application situation you will be given 15 minutes to answer all these questions, we are not applying a time limit to this practice test but to prepare yourself for the real thing you may wish to start a stopwatch on your phone and see how long it takes you to complete this.

For an extra challenge, don’t use a calculator to work out the answers as this may well be the case in your actual test.

Once your test has been sent, we will get back to you with your results and any advice which may help with your job hunt.

Good Luck!


    Very Important Personnel Numeracy Practice Test 1

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    Test Questions

    Question 1

    How do you write 0.75 as a fraction?


    Question 2

    1.4 metres is the same as'


    Question 3

    If a loaf of bread costs £1.52, how much change would you get from £10 if you buy 4 loaves?


    Question 4

    If a bag of sweet (A) weighs 2Kg and a bag of sweets (B) weighs 5Kg, which statement is correct?

    A = B / 2.52A=BBAll statements are true

    Question 5

    A shopkeeper paid £24 for 16 boxes of washing powder. He sells them for £2.97 a box or 2 for £5. How much profit will he make if someone buys 3 boxes?


    Question 6

    A bag contains 6 blue balls, 4 green and 2 red. If you put your hand in and picked a ball at random, what are the chances it is blue?'


    Question 7

    The bus is scheduled to leave at 16:24pm. It doesn't actually leave until 7 minutes later. You get off the bus at 17:17pm. How long was the journey?

    53 minutes46 minutes47 minutes54 minutes

    Question 8

    If apples cost 47p, oranges 36p and bananas are 74p for 2. How much does it cost for 4 bananas, 2 apples and 3 oranges?


    Question 9

    Fred starts with 6 marbles, Tony starts with 2 and Katie starts with 4 marbles. Fred gives 1/3 of his marbles to Katie who them gives 1/2 of her new total to Tony. How many marbles has Tony now got?


    Question 10

    What is the next number in this series? 1, 4, 9, 16, ...


    Question 11

    If Rob earns £6.51 per hour. How much does he earn in 4 hours?


    Question 12

    If z=6 and y=3 then what does (2 x z) + y = ?


    Question 13

    Estimate to the nearest 10p what 9 pencils at 79p will cost.


    Question 14

    If it costs £13.50 for 3 people to go the cinema, how much does it cost for 5 people?


    Question 15

    A shirt normally costs £42.00. If you received a 15% discount, how much change will you get from £50.00?


    Question 16

    If it takes 40 minutes for 2 men to dig the garden. How long will it take 8 men?

    5 minutes10 minutes20 minutes15 minutes

    Question 17

    If Bob drinks 1/3 of a 1.5L bottle of pop. How much pop will be left in the bottle?


    Question 18

    If the time is now 14:46pm. What time will it be 2 hours and 24 minutes from now?


    Question 19

    If you subtract the number of months in a year from the total of playing cards in a standard pack (Less jokers), then divide this by the number of seasons in a year, what will you get?


    Question 20

    You have 30 people and 6 dogs in a room. How many legs will there be in the room?


    Question 21

    Last year aTV cost £390. This year is cost 10% more. How much is it now?


    Question 22

    A football club sells 546 raffle tickets at £1 each. After giving out the 1st prize £125, 2nd prize £75 and 3rd prize £15, how much profit will the club make?'


    Question 23

    Today the temperature is -4 degrees Celsius. It is expected to get 15 degrees Celsius warmer by tomorrow. What will the temperature be tomorrow?

    -11 degrees Celsius-19 degrees Celsius19 degrees Celsius11 degrees Celsius

    Question 24

    A car travels for 90 miles at an average speed of 60mph. Due to traffic it then reduces its average speed to 30mph for a further 60 miles. How long does the journey take?

    2.5 hours2 hours3.5 hours3 hours

    Question 25

    What is the missing number? 83 - 17 = 56 + ?