Build your Facebook audience


Top 5 tips to help build your Facebook audience

Here at Very Important Personnel, we have looked into ways that can help your business grow within social media. There are many factors to consider when using Facebook for business. To make things a little easier we have provided 5 tips that we consider to be the most important when it comes to building your Facebook audience.


  1. Make sure your Facebook business page is filled out properly.

This is not only key to improving your company image but also informs your Facebook audience about your organisation. Nowadays, you are more likely to be noticed on social media than search engines such as Google: so in theory your Facebook information has to be as informative as your website.


  1. Invite existing contacts to like your page.

In doing this you are sharing your page with an audience already prepared to like and share. By asking them to share it then creates a pyramid that keeps on growing. Each like or share within this pyramid will result in more and more likes and shares for your page.


  1. Factor Facebook into your online and offline communication channels.

That famous Facebook like button can be added to websites, business cards, email signatures, flyers, banners and just about anywhere where your company has a presence. Doing this generates more likes because it increases the audience awareness and promotes that you have a presence on Facebook. Providing links to your Facebook page also makes it a lot easier and user friendly for your potential audience.


  1. Create value with the content you create and share.

Creating posts and sharing relevant content will increase the chances of others sharing your material. There is nothing wrong with posting content that is completely irrelevant however the majority of your posts should be relevant if you are looking to attract your target audience. For example: If you have a business that sells ladies shoes and clothes, post articles or messages related to women’s fashion or online shopping. It also helps to advise your audience of offers. Using the same example, share a post that is providing a discount or offer. People will then like your page as a result because they will be keen to see your future posts.


  1. Never buy likes. Instead consider using Facebook Advertising.

Buying likes will only result in a short term gain. It provides an image that your page is liked by hundreds, eventually these paid likes will dissipate but more importantly they are not people in your target audience. One of the main reasons we use social media, is to connect and share with our relevant customers, companies and potential business.

Instead consider Facebook advertising. This is a much more beneficial, it provides you with an advert tailored to your requirements and costs as little as £1 per day in some cases meaning no matter how much you spend, it is spent only on the most relevant audience.