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Literacy and Numeracy Tests

Literacy and numeracy tests are often a requirement for the recruitment process in many industries. Here at Very Important Personnel, we feel that practicing such tests prior to an interview is a no-brainer. Practicing the tests will help to familiarise yourself with the look and feel of the tests. It will also provide an opportunity to revise the different content areas covered by the tests.


Based on previous experiences and feedback provided to us by clients and candidates, we have found that those candidates who spent 20 minutes completing practice tests online, proved a higher success rate compared to those who didn’t. Sometime even just a glimpse at similar questions can help you know what to expect as opposed to being surprised on the day.
Many of our clients require candidates to complete a literacy and or numeracy test at interview stage. We are providing candidates the chance to trial similar tests in order to prepare for the real thing. The tests that we provide are not necessarily exactly the same, nor can we recreate the test environment that you may be faced with, however we have tried to give you examples of similar questions to ones that you may be asked in typical Literacy and numeracy tests.


Often, tests will be timed. We are not adding a timer to our practice tests, however for an extra challenge, we recommend setting a 15 or 20 minute timer to the tests and see how you get on.


To make things simple, we have split the test into separate literacy and numeracy tests. This way, if practice is needed in a certain area such as numeracy, it is possible to answer just numeracy questions. We still recommend that both tests are revised as they are normally merged together in actual tests.


Below are our Literacy and Numeracy tests. So if you have a test coming up or simply just want to brush up on your Maths and English skills, click the links below to test yourself. We will send you your answers to the email address you provide.


Literacy test.
This section tests your ability to identify main points in a text and distinguish between facts and opinions. Some question may require you to identify correct grammar or even


Numeracy test.
This section tests your mental arithmetic ability. Questions may not always be difficult equations, but instead a passage of test in which you must find the answer. The questions are varied but normally include answers that relate to time; money; fractions, decimals and percentages; proportion and ratio measurements (eg distance, area); averages and so forth.